Flashcard Quiz Engine

I challenged myself to build a real tool that I would use in my own life. This flashcard quiz is the result. It’s the most complex code I’ve written to date and building it allowed me to experience the process of growing something from a skeleton into something (relatively) complex. It involved many imperfect choices, but it was great because it pushed the limits of what I can do.


PurposeA practical javascript project to help with learning git
Cool Features
  • Load questions through organized JSON format
  • Questions can be filtered by category and order can be randomized
  • Reusable functions and event listeners are used to generate custom dropdown menus
  • User score and statistics are gathered and displayed via localStorage
  • Basic mobile responsiveness with iOS app icon

What I learned

Languages, Tools & FrameworksJavascript, Gulp, Git, SASS
ImpactBuilding it helped me improve my Javascript, and using it helps me study git, bash, and everything else under the sun.

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