How to set up environment variables on macOS

Environment variables are system wide values that applications can use to retrieve information specific to your local configuration. This ability is useful for storing credentials or file paths that need to be shared amongst multiple programs. On the Mac, environment variables are stored in the bash profile located in the root level of the home directory:...

About Me quiz game

Built in a few hours, this was a personal challenge. The actual assignment was from an introductory programming course and required a very limited skillset. My enhancements were done in such a way that this still complies with the strictly worded guidelines.

Global Progress Visualizer

This was a very big project for me. It was my first end-to-end project, where I scoped, planned, designed, and implemented a product as I would for a potential customer. It also was my first complex programming task. It was an intro to data transformation, APIs, and it features interactive data visualization via D3. I...

Life Calculator

A basic data visualization to highlight the brevity of life. This was inspired by an article on WaitButWhy.

Learning How to Learn

For the first time in my “career” I am currently transitioning to a tech focus. While I’ve always been in the sphere of tech, my scale was most often tilted towards design, business, consulting, and a range of soft skills. While those items are still important, I’ve realized that the best way to position myself...