Portfolio App 2.0

In January 2018 I built a full stack financial portfolio app using NodeJS and Firebase. It was a tremendous learning experience but the code quality was a bit rough. After I gained a bit more experience and insight I went back, refactored my code and rebuild the codebase on a new tech stack to better conform to industry best practices. There’s still room for improvement but the portfolio app v2 is now a fully featured, standalone service which I rely on for my daily portfolio updates.


PurposeFull stack financial management system built with industry standard practices
Cool Features
  • Route authentication & session management
  • Heroku hosting
  • Refactored codebase
  • Full CRUD operations for users and assets
  • User configurable options and settings
  • Automated email and SMS delivery

What I learned

Languages, Tools & FrameworksMongoDB, Mongoose, Heroku, Node, Express
ImpactBetter understanding of authentication, document databases, and scheduled tasks

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